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Ben Cordes on managing risk for imiCrops

April 10 2018

Sentry herbicide is proving to be a valuable risk management tool for Wimmera farmers growing imidazolinone herbicide tolerant crops (imiCrops), including imidazolinone herbicide tolerant barley, wheat (single gene) and canola. Ben Cordes, agronomist with Tylers Rural at Rupanyup, says Sentry has a big role to play in imiCrops when growers want to eliminate weed competition and maximise crop growth and yield potential right from the start of the season.

With Sentry, growers sowing imidazolinone tolerant crops have the means to manage the risks of carryover residues as well as consolidate their year-round weed control program.

I see Sentry as a strategic tool we can rely on for opportunistic use on a paddock by paddock basis.

A combination of imazapic and imazapyr, Sentry is registered for pre-plant Incorporated by Sowing (IBS) use in imiCrops, for knockdown and residual control of annual grasses and broadleaved weeds in a single pass.

The versatile herbicide is also registered for post emergent use in imidazolinone tolerant canola and wheat (single gene only). Mr Cordes said Sentry came into its own last year when a local grower took over some leased country where little was known about its weed history.

“Here was a situation where the grower wanted to maximise the weed control and minimise his risk exposure right from the start,” he said.

“Following our advice, he opted to grow the barley variety, Spartacus CL , and use Sentry at 50 g/ha in a tank mix with TriflurX and Avadex Xtra, both at 2 L/ha, for preemergence control of broadleaved weeds and grasses. Sentry herbicide is a valuable tool for farmers, says Ben Cordes from Tylers Rural at Rupanyup, pictured here in a crop of Compass barley last season.

The grower was amazed by the level of efficacy he achieved and very happy with the mix, sowing straight into it and shutting the gate until he came back later with an economical post-emergent to clean up any late germinations.

“The crop growth was never compromised, there was no weed competition and the barley went on to yield very well.

“This season, the grower plans to sow Hurricane XT lentils into that paddock, benefiting from last year’s investment in effective weed control and setting up for a high yielding crop this year.”



Sentry is compatible with a wide range of herbicides such as weedmaster ARGO (glyphosate), Shirquat (paraquat) and Sakura (pyroxasulfone) and insecticides including Astound Duo (alpha-cypermethrin), Astral (bifenthrin), Imidan (phosmet) and Chlorpyrifos.


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