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Control botrytis naturally

Product Type: Biological fungicide
Active Ingredient: Aureobasidium pullalans
Formulation: Granule

Effective protection against botrytis in grapes – the alternative in grape protection
Botrytis can cause costly damage to the quality of wine and table grapes. Now you can protect your most valuable asset with Botector, the innovative new biological fungicide from Nufarm. With a unique mode of action, Botector can be effectively used at multiple stages throughout the growing season to protect your crop from infection.
Highly reliable and efficacious
  • First-class protection against botrytis infections.
Unique mode of action
  • Resistance management tool, does not affect a metabolic pathway and very low resistance risk.
No pre-harvest interval
  • Spray anytime with confidence to protect against botrytis infection.
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