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For your imiCrops

For the early post-emergence control of certain annual grass and broadleaf weeds in Imidazolinone herbicide tolerant canola.

Barley Australia has released a statement regarding the use of “imi” chemistry in barley intended for export. Read more here.

Product Type: Herbicide
Mode of Action: Group B Herbicide
Active ingredient(s): imazamox 33g/L + imazapyr 15g/L
Formulation: Soluble Liquid

Intercept by name, Intercept by nature, Intercept (or remove) difficult post emergent weeds in a range of imiCrops
Lets face it, weeds can drive you crazy – and we should know, we’ve had decades of experience developing the best solutions to control them. Unique registrations enabling high usage rates, allow Intercept to maximise control of troublesome weeds such as barley, brome grasses, and a large range of broadleafed weeds in imi-tolerant canola.
Ideal in crop rotations
  • Allows the control of problem weeds in rotational imi-tolerant crops – enhanced when mixed with Archer, Factor or Havoc.
High use rates registered
  • Boosts control of difficult weeds.
Maximise yields
  • Grow yields, not weeds by following Sentry applied pre-em with Intercept post-em.
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