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weedmaster DST


Product Type: Herbicide
Mode of Action: Group M Herbicide
Active ingredient(s): 470 g/L glyphosate (present as the potassium and mono-ammonium salts)
Formulation: Soluble Liquid

No half measures, just the best pre-harvest weed-control for Australian conditions.
Your future crop depends on unique pre-harvest weed control. Thankfully, for robust control without compromise, you can’t go past weedmaster DST – unique Dual Salt Technology designed and made in Australia for Australian conditions. With the widest authorised use patterns for pre-harvest, it’s not just the leading, but the only permitted glyphosate for pre-harvest use in feed grade barley (excludes malting barley). The result is an easy to use product that effectively reduces weed seed formation, while minimising the risk of exceeding maximum residue levels.
Registered for pre-harvest use in glyphosate tolerant cotton (Roundup Ready Flex), canola, hay, silage, field peas, faba beans, chick peas, field peas, lentils and wheat. Permit for pre-harvest use in lupin and barley (excludes malting barley).
  • Unique formulation controls weeds fast for peace of mind.
  • Comprehensive and wide registrations.
  • Developed in Australia for Australian growers.
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