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About Us

Nufarm In Canada

In the world of agricultural chemicals, Nufarm is a global player.

We’re big and small. Our business is large, stable and built on solid values. And we’re small enough to be quick, agile and fueled by innovative ideas. We know where and how to provide value to our customers. Our products include proven active ingredients, packaged to deliver practical solutions for progressive producers and retailers. Relationships drive our approach to customer service. We work hard to make business simple, streamlined and fun.

We’re Nufarm and we’re proud to be a partner in Canadian agriculture.


The Nufarm Service Promise

You can be assured that the Nufarm products you have purchased are manufactured to the highest quality standards and when applied according to the label instructions will perform as stated on the label. We stand behind our Nufarm Service Promise by ensuring that if you do have a question about any of our products or a concern about how a product is working in the field we will respond quickly and resolve any questions you may have. That is the Nufarm Service Promise.

Questions or concerns?

Don’t hesitate to call your local Nufarm sales representative or the Nufarm Product Information Line at 1-800-868-5444

We ask that you contact Nufarm

  • Within 21 days after application, or before June 15th for pre-seed products
  • Within 21 days after application, or before July 15th for post-emergent products
  • In the spring, before May 31st for pre-harvest or post-harvest products

After these deadlines, it is difficult to determine the circumstances leading to non-performance and too late for a remedial solution.

We promise

  • To have a Nufarm representative respond to your call within two business days
  • If required, to meet with you in person within four business days.
  • To resolve your concerns within 30 business days.

Flexible – Accessible – Knowledgeable – Reliable – Agile – Responsive – Business made easy.

Houses on a farm during harvest

Nufarm Worldwide

A global presence

Nufarm maintains manufacturing and marketing operations throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Americas and Europe, selling products in more than 100 countries around the world. We employ more than 3,400 people, all of whom make a vital contribution to the company’s reputation for quality products, innovation, first class marketing and technical support.

Head Office: Laverton (Melbourne), Australia

Australian Stock Exchange Symbol: NUF

Global Site



Nufarm was established in Melbourne, Australia in the mid 1950s. Founder Max Fremder began selling phenoxy herbicides to professional spray applicators in regional Victoria and quickly established a reputation for excellent customer service and good quality products.


The company moved to its present head office location at Laverton North in 1972, with the corporate headquarters located adjacent to Nufarm’s largest manufacturing facility.


Beginning in the mid 1980s, Nufarm was a subsidiary of New Zealand-based Fernz Corporation. The Nufarm crop protection business continued to grow and expand.


A number of overseas locations were established throughout the 1990s.


In 2000, Fernz migrated the incorporation of the company to Australia and changed the group’s name to Nufarm Limited. Since that time, the company has focused on building a global platform for its core crop protection business and has divested various industrial and specialty chemical business.


Various acquisitions and solid organic growth have seen the business rapidly expand. Nufarm is now ranked the 8th largest crop protection company in the world, with a clear leadership position in Australia and substantial operations in North and South America, Europe, New Zealand and Asia.