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Agritone 750


A selective herbicide for the control of many broadleaf weeds in established pastures, grass playing fields and lawns, and in cereals, grass seed and linseed crops.

Product Type: Herbicide
Active Ingredient: 750g/L MCPA 
Formulation: Soluble concentrate

  • Ideal for weed control in established pasture.
  • The preferred option for treating buttercups and thistles (especially nodding thistle).
  • Absorbed through the foliage and translocated to the growing points in the shoots and roots.
  • Rainfast in just 2 hours

Agritone 750 controls or severely checks the following:

Bathurst bur, Black nightshade, Burdock, Buttercups (celery leaved, creeping*, giant* and water), Catsear, Daisy, Dandelion, Fathen, Field cress, Fumitory, Hawkbit, Hedge mustard, Hoary cress, Mouse-eared hawksweed, Nettles, Onehunga weed, Oxtongue, Pennycress, Plantain, Ragwort*, Redroot, Shepherd’s purse, Storksbill, Thistles (Californian*, nodding*, Scotch, sow, star, welted*, winged* and variegated), Tiger weed (Beggar’s ticks), Twin cress, Watercress*, Wild turnip.


  • Cereals – barley, wheat, ryecorn, oats.
  • Grass seed.
  • Linseed.
  • Pastures, lawns, playing fields.