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The all-in-one insecticide for broad spectrum pest control in fodder crops.

easy to use

  • broad spectrum
  • includes use in fodder crops
  • controls all of the major pests – leaf miner, aphids, nysius, springtails, Argentine stem weevil, diamondback moth and white butterfly caterpillars in one easy application
  • two active ingredients with different modes of action to improve control and manage resistance


Active Ingredient:   475g/L Pirimiphos-methyl and 25g/litre Permethrin 


Formulation:             Emulsifiable concentrate


Pests Controlled

Attack offers excellent control of all major crop limiting fodder crop pests including springtails, Argentine stem weevil, aphids, leaf miner, nysius (wheat bug), diamondback moth and white butterfly caterpillar. Attack is registered for use on fodder beet as well as forage brassicas.


Forage Brassica Rates 

Pest Rate
Springtails 100-200ml/ha
Leaf miner, White butterfly, Argentine stem weevil, Nysius (wheat bug) 0.5-1L/ha
Diamondback moth, Aphids  0.75 – 1L/ha

Apply when insects first appear or damage becomes visible. Use the low rate on young crops and the higher rate once the crop has reached canopy closure. Repeat applications may be necessary during the growing season as these pests have highly mobile stages and re-invasion can occur. It is important to monitor for pests at least weekly throughout the growing season.


Fodder Beet Rates

Pest Rate
Springtails 100-200ml/ha at first sign of damage
Leaf miner, Nysius (wheat bug) & Aphids, Argentine stem weevil 0.5-1L/ha at first sign of damage. Use the low rate on young crops and high rate as canopy closes. Use 100-300ml water/ha and add Contactâ„¢ XCel

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of fodder beet seedlings, Attack is best applied alone to prevent crop damage.


Application Directions

Apply Attack in at least 100-300 litres water/ha. Use the lower water rate on young crops and higher rate when the crop has reached canopy closure. For aerial applications, use the lower water rate. The use of a non-ionic wetting agent such as Contactâ„¢Xcel (25-50ml/100L water) is recommended to improve coverage. Note: Avoid tank mixing Attack with herbicides unless compatibility and crop safety is known.


Stock Withholding Period

Attack has a 7 day withholding period for grazing animals. Sheep and deer should be held from slaughter for 7 days if fed crops treated within 7-14 days of application.