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Baton is non-volatile 2,4-D formulation for broadleaf weed control in cereals and pasture.

Non-volatile and low odour 2,4-D

  • Controls broadleaf weeds in new pasture, established pasture and cereals
  • Improved clover safety
  • Ideal for aerial and boom spraying
  • Easy to dissolve granular formulation packed in water-soluble bags


Active Ingredient:    800g/kg 2,4-D


Formulation:              Water soluble granule


What is Baton?

Baton is a selective herbicide that controls many broadleaf weeds in new pasture and established pasture and cereals.

Baton is absorbed mainly through the foliage on the plant and is translocated to the root and shoot growing points. It interferes with cell division and elongation, causing twisting, swelling, brittleness and plant death. Baton, like all 2,4-D formulations, will have little effect if the plants are not actively growing.


Weed Control in New Pasture

  • Baton cleans up broadleaf weeds in new pastures
  • Ideal time to use is after your first full grazing
  • Less damaging to valuable clovers than other 2,4-D formulations
  • Results in better dry matter and better stock weights
  • Wider weed spectrum including fathen, hedge mustard, nettles, shepherd’s purse, wild turnip, black nightshade, cresses, red root, thistles, storksbill

Why Baton is better on Californian thistle

  • Faster brownout and leaf drop
  • Stock can graze under thistles more quickly
  • Better quality pasture from reduced weed competition and improved grazing management
  • Half the cost of many alternative herbicides; more effect

Get rid of spring germinating weeds with Baton

  • Baton controls pennyroyal, willow weed, storksbill, dandelion, nettles, hedge mustard, Canadian fleabane, creeping yellow cress and wild turnip (as well as many others) – these weeds can’t be controlled by an autumn/early winter spray because they emerge in spring
  • Ridding pasture of Californian thistle and spring germinating weeds is good for your stock as well as increased pasture production, utilization and profitability