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Betasana Trio

Betasana Trio® is a selective herbicide from Nufarm for early post-emergence weed control in fodder, sugar and red beet crops.

  • High quality, easy to use formulation combining three complimentary active ingredients
  • Excellent crop safety profile using patented Structured Surfactant Formulation (SSF) technology -both alone and with tank mixing partners
  • Controls the widest range of annual broadleaf and grass weeds in early post-emergence period.
  • Easy to follow label rates applied from expanded cotyledon stage
  • Part of a comprehensive Nufarm Fodder Beet range


Active Ingredients: 75g/L Phenmedipham, 15g/L Desmedipham and 115g/L Ethofumesate


Formulation: Suspension Concentrate

Widest range of weed control

The three active ingredients in Betasana Trio have been shown to be highly effective at controlling a wide range of seedling weeds from early cotyledon stage including:
annual buttercup, annual poa, black nightshade, chickweed, cornbind, dandelion, docks (seedling), fathen, fumitory, groundsel, hedge mustard, nettles, plantain, portaluca, redroot, shepherd’s purse, smooth witchgrass, summer grass, thorn apple, twin cress, volunteer oilseed rape, water pepper.


Tank mixes

  • Betasana Trio is safe to mix with the following products under the conditions stated on the label:
  • Archer
  • metamitron
  • cholridazon
  • Attack (+ Contact Xcel)


Instructions for use:

Fodder and Sugar beet

Treat fodder beet and sugar beet at the first flush of weeds when the majority of the crop has reached the fully expanded cotyledon stage. Treat the second and third flush of weed seedlings.
Withholding period: 56 days

Red beet

Make the first application at the 2 true leaf stage. Treat the second and third flush of weed seedlings.
Withholding period: 50 days


1st application: 2L/ha in 200L water/ha
2nd and 3rd applications: 2.5L/ha in 200L water/ha