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ChampION++ is a superior protective copper fungicide for the control of many diseases of fruit, vegetables and forestry.

Superior coverage and control

  • Now registered for the control of PSA in kiwifruit.
  • Stable WDG formulation that pours easily and disperses quickly
  • Small particles give excellent coverage and disease control at low rates
  • Provides excellent coverage and disease control with low use rates
  • Less environmental load than high dose copper products
  • Contains a highly efficient environmentally friendly biodispersant suitable for conventional or organic use
  • BioGro approved


Active Ingredient: 300g/Kg Copper as Copper hydroxide


Formulation: Water Dispersible Granule


Directions for use:

ChampION++ may be applied through standard ground or aerial spray equipment. For recommended dilution rates for ChampION please see label. The volume of water applied per hectare will depend on the crop being sprayed and where necessary should increase during the season to ensure complete coverage of all stages of the crop. In conditions of severe disease pressure use the higher recommended rate and reduce the spray interval.

Crop Disease Comments
Avocados Anthracnose Apply at monthly intervals from flowering to harvest. During prolonged wet weather reduce application intervals to 14 days.
Apples, pears (incl Nashi) Black spot Apply as a full cover spray. Make application between silver tip and green tip. CAUTION: Late application may cause phytotoxicity. Discontinue use when green tip is 1cm.
Citrus Melanose
Brown rot
Apply during pre and post bloom periods.
Apply in autumn and continue as necessary. Spray the skirts of trees to at least 1m high and also treat the ground out to 0.5m beyond the skirt. Copper marking may occur on sensitive varieties or under slow drying conditions.
Grapes Downy mildew
Black spot
Apply during the pre and post bloom periods at 10-14 day intervals. Discontinue use if signs of injury appear.
Kiwifruit Leaf spot (Phomopsis sp & others), Botryosphaeria
Psa (Pseudomonas syringae pathover actinidiae)

Apply as dormant sprays only.

Apply after harvest but before leaf fall, after pruning and as two sprays one month apart before bud burst. Pre and post flowering.


Leaf curl, Shot hole, Bladder plum.

Bacterial blast

Apply at bud movement but before and within one week of buds opening. Make a second application 10-14 days later.

Apply at leaf fall and repeat at monthly intervals throughout the winter until bud movement, then treat as for leaf curl.

Strawberries Leaf spot Apply when plants are established and continue on a weekly schedule throughout the season. Use the higher rate early season or under high disease pressure. Discontinue use if signs of crop injury appear.
Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts
Downy mildew Apply after crop emergence and/or transplanting at 10-14 day intervals as necessary.
Onions Downy mildew
Bacterial blight
Apply on first appearance of disease and repeat every 10-14 days while conditions favour disease development.
Potatoes Early blight
Late blight
Apply every 7-10 days from when plants are 15cm high until 2 weeks before harvest.

Crop Caution: Soft new growth of some plant species may be hardened or injured by copper sprays.