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Conquest can be used for the control of gorse, broom, blackberry, and other brushweeds, as well as spot treatment of many broadleaf weeds, including ragwort, thistles, and docks.

  • Controls pasture weeds like ragwort, thistles, docks
  • More cost effective than traditional options
  • Safe on grasses
  • Three hours rainfastness


Active Ingredient: 100g/L Picloram and 300g/L Triclopyr


Formulation:           Emulsifiable concentrate


How Does it Work?

Conquest is absorbed by the leaves, stem and roots of plants and translocated to the growing points where it interferes with cell division and elongation. Plants must be actively growing for maximum efficacy.


Selective to Grasses

Conquest is safe on desirable pasture grasses but is injurious to clovers and may prevent their re-establishment. It is recommended that small areas be oversown with clover one to two months prior to any planned sowing time to check for possible harmful residues.


When to Use

Conquest is ideal to use as a spot spray for pasture weeds when they are at the rosette to early flowering stage. Multicrowned plants will also be controlled.