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Crest 520


Crest 520 is a high strength formulation of haloxyfop-P for grass weed and storksbill control in many crops including clover seed crops, peas and lucerne.

  • A liquid formulation five times more concentrated than standard formulations.
  • Excellent control of many annual grasses and perennial grasses
  • Ideal for selective grass weed control in clover seed crops
  • Now registered for the control of storksbill


Active Ingredient: 520g/litre Haloxyfop-P


Formulation:           Emulsifiable concentrate


How does it work?

Crest 520 is absorbed by the foliage and the roots and translocated to the growing points where it inhibits fatty acid production, resulting in the death of the plant.


Selective control of grass weeds

Crest 520 controls a wide range of annual and perennial grass weeds including; wild oats, summer grass, annual and perennial ryegrass, volunteer cereals, annual poa, mercer grass, kikuyu and paspalum.


When to apply

Ideally apply Crest 520 when grass weeds are young and actively growing. Larger weeds can be controlled at higher rates.


Withholding Periods

Peas, Lentils: Do not apply later than flowering.
Asparagus: Do not apply during the cutting season. Do not apply within 5 weeks of harvest.

Use rates for grass weed control:

Grass Weed



Wild oats 95 2.5 1.2  
Musky storksbill
Annual grass weeds including annual ryegrass, summer grass, barnyard grass, bristle grass and volunteer cereals 115 1.2    
Annual poa 290 6 3.0 60
Cocksfoot, prairie grass, Yorkshire fog, sweet vernal, soft brome (goosegrass) 240-480 5 2.5 50
Perennial ryegrass 240-480 5 2.5 50
Cultivated couch 240-480      
Sod bound couch, mercer grass, browntop, ratstail, Indian doab, kikuyu, paspalum 720-960 12 8 75
Pampas grass, African feather grass 1450 30 12  95

NOTE: Hair grass and Chewings fescue will not be controlled at the rates given above. Crest will not control broadleaf weeds or sedges. Use low rates on seedling plants or actively regenerating rhizomes after cultivation. Use high rates on tillering plants or on established sod bound rhizomateous grasses.


Spraying Oil

Where spraying oil is required use Bonza at 500ml/100L of spray mix to optimise grass weed control.


Crops and situations

Forestry tree release Crest 520 may be applied over forestry species including Radiata pine and Eucalyptus species. To control broadleaf weeds in Radiata pine, Nu-Trazine® 900DF, Simazine, Nu-Terb® 900DF and Archer® herbicides may be added. Do not add Bonza spraying oil to mixtures of Crest 520 with either Archer or Nu-Terb 900DF.
Tree nurseries Crest 520 may be applied over seedling Radiata pine, Eucalyptus, Acacia, Casuarina and other seedling plantation and ornamental tree species. Where there is no previous experience, apply Crest 520 over a few plants before treating larger areas. Do not add Bonza® spraying oil.
Lucerne, clover Apply Crest 520 in a mixture with Bonza spraying oil. Do not exceed 480ml/ha Crest 520 on lucerne.
Pipfruit, citrus Crest 520 in mixture with Bonza spraying oil, should be applied as a directed spray around the base of trees. Avoid direct contact with the fruit.
Peas, lentils Apply Crest 520 at no more than 290ml/ha. Do not add Bonza spraying oil.
Asparagus Apply Crest 520, in mixture with Bonza spraying oil, after the final cut.
Onions Apply Crest 520, at no more than 290ml/ha, in mixture with Bonza spraying oil.


Soil Residues

Do not plant cereals, maize or grass crops within 12 weeks of treatment.



Crest 520 is compatible with triazine herbicides, Archer® and Prestige™. Do not apply Crest 520 in combination with other herbicides unless experience shows efficacy is not affected. Do not apply within 7 days of phenoxy herbicides. Crest 520 is also compatible with a wide range of insecticides.