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Diazinon 20G


Diazinon 20G is a granular insecticide for the control of porina caterpillar and grass grub in pasture, and carrot rust fly.

  • Granular insecticide for control of porina and grass grub.
  • Suitable for pasture and crops.
  • Direct drill or broadcast.


Active Ingredient:  200g/L Diazinon

Formulation:            Granule


Application Information

Pest Crop Rate/Ha Notes
Grass Grub Established pasture 11kg Broadcast evenly to short pasture between February and April, when grass grubs are feeding close to the surface. Treat before pasture is severely damaged. At least 13mm of rain should fall within one week of application – the heavier and sooner, the better. Soil already moist when granules are applied may assist control by encouraging shallower feeding of grubs and easier penetration of chemical. Penetration of Diazinon is reduced in heavy clay soils and in soils of high organic matter. Grass grub control may be less effective under these circumstances.
Grass grub Newly sown pastures and crops



Broadcast evenly over cultivated ground and work into the soil to 5cm depth.

Drill with the seed at sowing.

Porina caterpillar Pasture 5.5kg Broadcast evenly in early autumn before excessive pasture damage occurs. Diazinon 20G granules will persist long enough to control caterpillars remaining underground for several nights. Control is not impaired by long grass or rain falling shortly after application.
Carrot rust fly Carrots 11kg Apply in band beneath the seed at sowing. A surface band application may also be needed on crops sown in late spring after 10 weeks growth to protect them until harvest.