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Metafol SC

A selective herbicide for controlling annual weeds in fodder beet, sugar beet and red beet.

  • Widens and strengthens the weed spectrum controlled when added to applications of Betasana Trio.
  • High quality, low odour, low foaming liquid formulation.
  • Improves the control of problematic weeds such as wireweed
  • Absorbed by both roots and leaves of susceptible plants


Active Ingredient: 700g/L Metamitron


Formulation:           Suspension concentrate



Alone: 6.0L/ha
When tank mixed with Betasana Trio:1-1.5L/ha.

Metafol SC is safe to apply from early post emergence when the crop has fully expanded cotyledons.


Tank mixes:
Metafol SC is safe to mix with the following products when used according to the individual label directions:

  • Betasana Trio
  • Attack
  • Kaiso 50WG
  • Contact Xcel