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Product Type:  Insecticide
Active Ingredient: 18g/kg Metaldehyde
Formulation: Granular bait


  • Highly effective at controlling slugs and snails
  • Superior coverage resulting in increased control
  • Highest concentrate of active ingredient per pellet
  • Excellent rainfast performance in wet conditions
  • Versatile application that is dust free and safe to use


For information view and download the SlugOut Brochure


Why control slugs?

Slugs can cause serious damage to new crops. They eat seeds and young shoots of most crops including clover, grasses, cereals and brassicas. As a result, seedling establishment can be greatly reduced and subsequent yields severely affected.

Slugs shelter in crop residues and cracks. It is recommended that a slug control programme should be included in all new pasture or crop plantings.

A High Concentration Formulation (Active Ingredient)

The SlugOut granular bait is small in size but high in active ingredients. SlugOut contains 18g/kg (1.8%) of the active ingredient metaldehyde, but all of the metaldehyde is in the edible outer coating, giving an effective concentration of 90g/kg (9%). The active is also attractive to slugs and snails.

Once the slug or snail has consumed SlugOut it is immobilised and then dies from irreversible damage to its mucous cells.