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Sprinter 700DS


Non-volatile 2,4-D liquid for broadleaf weed control in pasture and cereal.

Product Group: Herbicide
Active Ingredient: 700g/L 2,4-D
Formulation: Soluble concentrate


  • High strength liquid 2,4-D formulation
  • Non-volatile – no risk to sensitive crops from vaporisation
  • Safer on clover than traditional 2,4-D ester (EHE) formulations
  • More flexible application periods than 2,4-D ester formulations. Ability to target weeds at the correct growth stage throughout the year
  • Use Sprinter as a tank mix with Dockstar for control of docks and broadleaf weeds in pasture.


How Sprinter 700DS works

Sprinter 700DS contains 700g/L 2,4-D in the form of a soluble concentrate. Sprinter 700DS is absorbed mainly through the foliage of the plant and is translocated to the root and shoot growing points providing a more consistent kill. It interferes with cell division and elongation, causing twisting, swelling, brittleness and plant death. Plants need to be actively growing for Sprinter 700DS to achieve effective kill. It is best of avoid spraying during cold, frosty conditions.



Apply Sprinter 700DS after the main weed germination, but before the weeds have become too large. Weeds should be at the seedling to small rosette stage when sprayed. For best results it is important to graze the paddock before spraying to reduce the clover leaf area and expose the weeds. Then wait for three to seven days for weeds to freshen. Do not spray paddocks shut up for hay or silage.
To get maximum weed control when using Sprinter 700DS it is important to ensure complete coverage of the foliage. Within reason, higher water rates are better; ground application – 100 to 300L water/ha, aerial minimum 40-50L water/ha.


Less clover damage

Sprinter 700DS will cause less clover damage than 2,4-D EHE formulations. The clover will recover faster to provide a greater contribution to pasture production.



Rain within six hours of application may reduce the effectiveness.


Withholding Period

There is no prescribed withholding period for keeping stock out of 2,4-D treated pasture. However, once the area has been sprayed, delay grazing for 10-14 days as early grazing can reduce the level of weed control. Some poisonous plants (e.g. ragwort) may become more palatable to stock when sprayed, so stock should be kept away from the area until the plants have died down.