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Thistrol Plus


Thistrol Plus is a selective herbicide for controlling broadleaf weeds in young and established pastures, cereals, peas and in white clover and grass seed crops.

  • Combines MCPA and MCPB giving flexibility to use over a wide range of situations.
  • Controls seedling broadleaf weeds in young and established pasture.
  • Suitable to use prior to your first graze in new pasture.
  • Excellent clover safety.


Active Ingredient: 375g/L MCPB and 25g/L MCPA


Formulation: Soluble Concentrate


General Information

Thistrol Plus is slow acting and may take several weeks to effect control. The activity of Thistrol Plus depends on its conversion by susceptible weeds from the butyric (MCPB) form to the biologically active acetic (MCPA) form. Treat small seedlings or early rosette stage actively growing weeds which are better able to make this conversion. use the higher rate where weeds are more advanced.

Do not spray on weeds under stress (drought, water logging etc), or if rainfall is expected within 2 hours of application.


Weeds controlled: 

Annual buttercups, Fathen, Scotch thistle 3-4L Treat any growth stage before flowering.
Black nightshade, Redroot, Twin cress, Giant buttercup 3-4L Controlled as seedlings. Useful suppression of older stages.
Thistles – modding, winged, variegated 4L Controlled as seedlings. Useful suppression of older stages.
Californian thistle 4L Treat flower bud stage before flower opens.
Docks, Hedge mustard, Nettles, Wild turnip, Plantain, Willow weed 4L Controlled only as seedlings.

Direction for use:

Pasture 3-4L in 200 litres water on new pasture use 3L/ha when clover has at least 2 true trifoliate leaves, but weeds are still at seeding stage. On established pasture use 4L/ha if weeds are past seedling stage.
Cereals 3-4L in 150-250 litres water Apply between the second leaf and first node stage of the crop. use the higher rate if weeds have more than 3 leaves. Do no use on crops undersown with clover or lucerne.
Peas 3-4L in 150-250 litres water Apply between 5-7 node growth stage of the crop. Some temporary twisting of the crop may occur. do not apply Thistrol Plus in combination with other herbicides. As heavy rain may remove the protective leaf wax on peas, delay treatment until a crystal violet leaf test confirms the crop is safe to treat.
White clover seed crops 3-4L in 150-250 litres water Apply in spring to actively growing seeding weeds. Do no apply after clover flowering has started.
Grass seed crops e.g. cocksfoot, dogstail, ryegrass, timothy 3-4L in 150-250 litres water  Apply to seedling weeds well before seed head emergence in the crop.