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Spoiler is the highest loaded liquid three-way phenoxy formulation available to the market. The high rates of three different amines delivers unsurpassed broadleaf weed control with reduced risk to ornamentals and dicamba sensitive plants. Spoiler is particularly effective on tough summer annuals such as oxalis, knotweed, pursland and spurge.


  • Highest loaded phenoxy three-way mix available to the market
  • Non-dicamba product offering equitable control to conventional three-way mixes
  • Rate range allows for suitable delivery rates for varying levels of weed pressure
  • Increased safety for shallow rooted woody plants and within the drip lines of trees
  • Effective on tough summer annuals
  • Excellent for fall application of winter annuals and perennials


  • 2 x 2.5 gal/case – 36 cases/pallet
  • 30 gallon drum – 5 drums/pallet


  • 2,4-D (33.3%)
  • Mecoprop-p (8.58%)
  • Dichlorprop-p (8.45%)


**Consult label for additional use and rate information