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Plant Growth Regulator for Turfgrass

Anuew™ is a proprietary PGR for cool- and warm-season turf management. Anuew plant growth regulator contains prohexadione calcium, a new active ingredient with a novel mode of action that can be applied to all managed turf areas including golf greens, tees, fairways and rough, residential and commercial lawns, sod farms, sport fields and similar areas.



  • New management tool for cool- and warm-season turf
  • Reduces turf growth and mowing frequency
  • Reduces amount of clippings
  • Improves turf quality, density and appearance
  • Longer plant activity supports consistent growth management
  • Does not require iron or masking agents
  • Low use rates in convenient packaging
  • A Nufarm exclusive for the US turf market
  • Labeled for use on all managed turf areas including golf course greens, tees, fairways, roughs and residential lawns and sod farms
  • Rainfast within 1-4 hours
  • First EPA approved label containing application instructions based on Growing Degree Day (GDD) modeling



GOLF COURSE APPLICATION RATES (See label for complete application rates)
Re-application of Anuew should be based on a Growing Degree Day (GDD) model using environmental data from the use location. Research has shown that 280-350 GDD should be used for re-application timings for common golf situations to assure even turf regulation and to avoid rebound growth.




Anuew™ is most effective when used on actively growing, well-maintained turfgrass. Active through foliar uptake – when applying, it is important to use enough spray volume to thoroughly wet the turfgrass leaves without significant runoff. Apply Anuew in a sufficient volume of water to provide uniform and complete wetting of the turfgrass foliage. 0.5 to 5 gal of water/1,000 sq ft may be used, however, for best results 1-2 gal of water/1,000 sq ft is recommended. Use a non-ionic surfactant to help improve leaf coverage and plant uptake of the active ingredient. Maximize the time the applied spray mixture remains as a moist film on the turfgrass foliage
by avoiding treatments during warm, low humidity, and windy conditions. Longer drying times enhance absorption of Anuew. Delay the application or use a lower rate of Anuew as designated if the turf is entering stressful growing conditions, such as pest pressure, high temperatures, low moisture conditions or certain cultural practices such as, but not limited to, aerification or verticutting. Calcium or boron-containing products should not be added to the spray mixture. These products will reduce the activity of Anuew. Do not irrigate treated area for 4 hours after application. Turfgrass areas treated with Anuew should continue to be maintained normally using proper irrigation, fertility, and pest control product when necessary. Precaution is advised when tank mixing with Anuew. The spray mixture should be applied on a small area first as a test before treating larger areas.

See label for complete use directions/application methods and restrictions.


EPA REG. NO.: 1001-91
ACTIVE INGR.: prohexadione calcium (27.5%)
FORMULATION: extruded granule
CHEM. FAMILY : acylcyclohexadiones
SIGNAL WORD: caution
PACKAGE SIZE: 4 x 4 x 1.5 lb resealable pouch


Golf course turf
Parks and cemeteries
Residential and commerical lawns
Sod Farms
Sports Fields