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Get the Facts on Combatting Snow Mold

See how one late-season application can help you get tough on snow mold.

Anuew™ Extended Control fact sheet

Anuew™ Plant growth Regulator slows vertical growth, is labeled for most managed turf areas, and now offers the first EPA approved label containing Growing Degree Day (GDD) model application instructions.

Arena® Fall Curative Grub Control Fact Sheet

Arena® Insecticide delivers superior curative control of white grubs. Arena does not need to be immediately watered-in, saving you time and labor. And with its superior residual activity, Arena brings peace of mind.

Helpful Tips & Articles

Guidance for overwintering container grown ornamentals

Maintaining stable conditions while overwintering container grown plants can be a challenge. To help, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst has developed guidance for overwintering these plants.

A nice summary of the guidance with commentary is available from Nursery Management In addition to discussing various systems for covering plants, guidance is provided for specific temperatures and individual species. The full guidance is available from UMAss Amherst at this site

The GreenKeeper app: A decision-support tool for turfgrass pros

Greenkeeper is an essential decision – support tool designed exclusively for turfgrass professionals by the Turf Program at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Key features include: Product applications log; Pest reports; Product tracking; Weather and more in desktop and mobile friendly forms. Nufarm is a proud sponsor of the free app.

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